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baby sleeping with monitorAt Baby Watch Tech we will provide you with an in-depth look at some of the best video baby monitor models on the market, the features they have to offer, how they’re priced and what consumers had to say about their performance.

Consumers have also rated each model on a scale of one to five stars.  Before you go out and purchase a device it’s important to learn a little about the different features they have to offer and how they rated, in order to determine which model is right for you and your family.

Video baby monitors are designed to provide you with peace of mind and will allow you to move around your home while your infant sleeps.

 How Video Baby Monitor Systems Work

These devices will work by transmitting audio and images to a handheld parent unit or an Android or iOS device. Some models can be very temperamental, with the biggest complaint involving low visibility, signal interference and short reception range.

Withings-Smart-Baby-Monitor-picMost models of video baby monitors will have an electrical cord or non-rechargable battery option. If you want to purchase a model that uses batteries, learn about that specific model’s battery life by taking a look at reviews, prior to purchasing. Some models will go through batteries at an alarming rate. However, it is also worth bearing in mind, that should you choose a monitor system that only works when plugged in, this limits to some degree the places where you can place the monitor.

There may not be a socket close enough to the cot, or the monitor may then be too low to fully capture the baby at the correct angle. Whilst this may sound a silly thing to say, you don’t want to discover that for the sake of a few dollars your baby monitor is less useful than it should be.

Common Features of Most Popular Video Baby Monitors

monitor systemVideo baby monitors will feature a color LCD screen on the parent unit. The parent unit is portable and allows you to keep an eye on your infant, wherever you are in the home. The screen sizes will vary and usually range from 3.5 to 5 inches.

Some video monitor sets will also come equipped with infrared technology, which will help to improve nighttime viewing.Temperature sensors will allow you to set temperature parameters. If the room becomes too hot or cold, you’ll receive an alert.

Some sets will also include a feature that can filter out every day sounds and motions. You should only receive an alert if your infant makes a loud sound or an unusual movement. This type of feature will also help to save on battery life because the parent unit will only turn on to alert you when these louder noises are detected.

The Light Feature of These Monitor Systems


The light feature can be adjusted so that the handheld device will turn on when your baby makes noise. The louder your child cries, the brighter the lights become. This is a great feature if the room you’re in is noisy or if you’re watching a movie and want to turn the sound down.

An out of range indicator will beep or light up when you have reached the device’s range limits. Also bear in mind that when you are looking at the range quoted the higher figure is likely to be at the maximum range with everything working perfectly. So our best advice would be to always consider your maximum range to be somewhere in the middle of the range quoted by the manufacturer. After all how often do you get your manufactures quoted miles per the gallon when you are driving? If you don’t purchase a video baby monitor with this feature, you can be alerted by a no-signal alert or by experiencing an increased amount of static.

Most new models of video baby monitors will include a low battery icon, which will flash or light up when the handheld device is running out of juice.

If you want to view more than one room without having to frequently move the camera, look for a system that allows you to use multiple cameras. Some can use up to as many as four. This will allow you to mount a number of cameras throughout your home.

Some models of monitors can also connect to TVs or DVD recorders, so you can view your little one on the big screen.

SD card slots featured on some models will allow you to record and save footage so that you and your significant other don’t miss out on any precious moments, such as the first time your baby rolls over or stands up in their crib.

Considerations When Comparing Video Baby Monitor Systems

AngelCare-AC-1100-New-Model-imageOther things you can consider are whether or not you would like totally remote access and for how many people. If for instance mom or dad travels a lot due to work commitments, then he or she can still feel close to and experience those special moments. This is also a wonderful feature for grandparents who live far away, and enable they to be able to access and view the baby from a different country over the Internet. Rest assured though that as the parent you have total control and can switch off remote access at any time should you feel the need.

One of the important things to remember about baby monitors, is that whilst they are not a necessity, they do provide a healthy dose of reassurance to you as a parent. They can also give you a little more freedom, so for instance you could still have the radio or television on downstairs at a sensible volume, have the door closed so as not to disturb baby, but still be able to monitor and keep an eye on your little one. That is where a monitor really excels, whilst also giving you a little time with the rest of the family.

If for instance you have some slightly older children aged maybe five or six, they can feel a little put out by the arrival of a new baby in the house. When their lives are effected even when baby is asleep, tensions and resentment can increase. But the monitor will provide you with that extra time to spend with them, whilst still keeping an eye on baby.

What You Need To Do After You Purchase a Video Baby Monitor

video baby monitor screenAs soon as your newly purchased monitor arrives be sure to test it thoroughly. This is one of the huge benefits of buying online from somewhere like Amazon as you are protected to a greater degree when buying online.

The product itself may not be faulty at all, but there are many variables at play. Every house for instance has different types and thickness of walls, and your specific Walls may prevent a good signal from traveling from point a to point b.

Whilst not as much of a problem today as when the first monitors came out, certain mobile phones, or electrical equipment, can affect the transmission of the signal, so you are best to test all of these kind of things the minute your new device shows up.

The Video VS The Audio of your new Baby Monitor System

audioWhichever type of monitor you ended up investing in the number one priority is not the video quality, which many people get sucked into. Video means absolutely nothing when you fall asleep, so our advice would always be to listen carefully to the audio. Is it sufficiently loud enough to wake you in the middle of the night, should baby wake up? Has the majority of the expenditure during the manufacture gone towards the video components leaving the audio poor and muffled?

Never ever settle four poor audio quality in a product. If you personally think it is not loud enough, then send it back. The whole point of your investment is for peace of mind, and in the same way that an unreliable alarm clock is likely to give you sleepless nights, the same holds true of a poor quality baby monitor.

Yes funds may be tight, (welcome to your future) but if the monitor doesn’t do the job you bought it for, either choose again, or if you cannot afford a better model use the money for something else. Never ever settle for second best when it comes to your child’s safety.

Good Video Still Matters With Your New System


Having focused on the importance of sound when purchasing a monitor, that is not to say that a video monitor does not bring with it significant advantages. One of those advantages is a better night’s sleep for you as the parent. Sometimes for instance your baby can cry out whilst in the middle of a dream, or roll over and bang against the side of the crib, causing a large amount of noise.

If you only have the audio variant, then you will find yourself regularly getting up for not reason, and maybe even waking the baby up properly while entering his or her room. If you have a video monitor you can stay wrapped up warm in your bed, check to see that baby is safe and well, and then go back to sleep content in the knowledge that baby is fine.

Those extra hours or sleep soon mount up, and that little extra investment may be well worth it, for your sake as well as the babies.

Baby Monitors Can Be Used For Older Kids Too!

toddlersBaby monitors are not just for babies though. Once your children are walking or even at the age of three or four and engaging in solo play, you can then use the video monitor to keep an eye on them remotely from another room for instance, while you get on with the washing up for instance.

So by choosing wisely your investment could actually be beneficial for the first ten years of your child’s life. For ease of maths, let’s pretend a good quality video monitor costs your 200 dollars. That would equate to twenty dollars per year. When viewed in those terms that is a very small cost for the benefits you gain.

Without wanting to sound horrible, there is also the consideration of the child minder or baby sitter. I am sure you have all seen the horror stories of someone in a position of trust being caught on camera hurting the very person they would entrusted to look after.

A good quality video camera will enable you to monitor your child even away from the home, and will certainly make you feel more confident in your child’s safety.

Final Thoughts On Your Video Baby Monitor Purchase Decision

As you can see, there are many variables you need to take into consideration when choosing a baby monitor, and we have highlighted most of them above.

Read the reviews below, and think specifically about your personal needs. There is no one size fits all when it comes to monitors so you need to spend a little time and thought when making what I feel is a very important choice.

Baby Watch Tech’s Top 3 Best Video Baby Monitors For 2016

#1 Snuza Trio Video Baby Monitor System

Snuza-Trio-Plus-Baby-Monitor-System-picThe Snuza Trio video baby monitor system is our top rated model and it features the pan, tilt and zoom function, which can be controlled by the handheld unit. This will allow you to sweep the entire room, which makes it a great feature if you have more than one child sleeping in the same room. The two-way talk feature will allow you to speak to your baby, without having to get out of bed. The Snuza also comes with a feeding alert, which can be set for every two, four or six hours. This alert will go off so you don’t have to worry about missing a feeding.

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#2 AngelCare AC1100 Video Baby Monitor


The AngelCare AC1100 is a consumer favorite. This device features an under the mattress movement sensor pad, which will alert you if your child has not moved in twenty seconds. The AngelCare tic feature will click to notify you that the sensor is working correctly. You may initially have issues with the sensitivity setting for the pad, so be prepared for some false alarms during the first few nights.  Other features you’ll love include the two-way talk back feature and temperature sensor.

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#3 Withings Smart Baby Monitor

Withings-Smart-Baby-Monitor-picThis smart baby monitor by Withings features an innovative flip-open camera design, temperature and humidity sensors, dual speakers and a nightlight. The Withings app will allow you to truly customize how your video baby monitor works. You can play music, use the push-to –talk feature or control the zoom, tilt and pan functions on the camera, all from your phone.

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